I like to keep my photography simple.  No props, no elaborate outfits, just a focus on the people I’m taking pictures of.  That’s a large part of the reason I don’t like to put too much focus on the photo location we pick… I can make do with pretty much any location, as long as there’s good light!  But, when I got the chance to reunite with my long lost friends Maya and Wyatt, I had the perfect cloudy day giving us photo studio quality lighting no matter where we went!  This gave us the chance to take advantage of the location provided props at our disposal.  I always say that props should be the side-dish, not the main course… the focus should not be on the prop, but rather, it should help strengthen the quality of the photograph.  Here we had an awesome, old, and beautiful split rail fence… great for climbing, leaning, and adding texture to an image.  Check out the different ways we used this fence in these kids’ fall photo shoot, while still keeping it about them…

Abramson_11 Abramson_13 Abramson_16

Burton Sklarin MD,FACP,FACE

Knowing your subjects enables warmth & feeling in the photo.

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