So many times when we photograph senior portraits, the parents and kids are put in a predicament where they love a number of the images, but really don’t want to decorate their house with photos of only one of their kids!  So after the wallets are ordered, and the school is sent the favorite image for the yearbook, the options open up for how to create a keepsake for these special images.  Michaela’s photos were used to create an adorable custom graduation party invitation.  We also created a beautiful flip book album of their favorites.  This way they have a record of photos, but their home doesn’t look like a shrine.  I always encourage families to invite other kids along to the senior portrait session.  Either siblings or friends.  Michaela’s sister joined in the fun, and we captured some great images of the girls together.  What a great opportunity to have some photos that the soon-to-be graduate can take to her dorm room and remember the good ole’ days!

Steiner_09 Steiner_21os Steiner_31 Steiner_34_5x7

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