Well he’s not quite a man, but he is a big fan of music. His mom, who is an amazing woman, has enrolled Little V in music classes to expose him to different instruments and introduce him to other kids his age. He doesn’t always have the biggest smiles, but he sure gives us something to smile about. However, his mom is always the one behind the most creative photo shoots. We don’t provide props here at our studio, but we always allow our clients to bring in whatever they like. In this case, Little V’s mom brought in a music stand, a trumpet and a recorder, not to mention she dressed him in the cutest outfit! (she always does) This little boy doesn’t step out of the house in anything but the best!  Like I said he has a great mommy and we commend her for all she does for him, he is a lucky boy! And how do you like at his Converse shoes with that outfit?! Perfect!


He is so adorable!!!!! I love the pictures!

Look at my little boyfriend, it was yesterday we were sharing yogurt bites. he is too much

Kim, I love these pictures I wish I could have seen this photo shoot! Michelle, I love the post!! I miss you both!!

That’s my boy !!!!!!!!!!!!

This little man is so freakin handsome!!!!! Too bad my baby girl is only 11 months old!!!!

He is so handsome !!! He looks like a model from a Gap catalog these pictures are GREAT !!

Too darn cute!!!!

This little guy is as handsome as can be. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the outfit and all of the props. The pictures look so natural and unstaged. Good job Mommy!! Good job Kim Ponsky Photography!!!

OMG!!!!! he is too cute, I love the outfit. Michelle and Kim great job!

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