I recently learned about a great new option for wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or even family portrait albums…  The Finao albums are top of the line, flush-mount albums (meaning, they are made of high quality photographs that are mounted to the pages).  The Armour cover option is so cool, I can’t wait to get our sample to show off!  Armour is a printed metal cover upgrade – it’s thickness makes it stand up to knicks and scratches, and it looks so incredible!  With non-standard sizing, these albums definitely have an eye-catching appeal.

We’re putting our sample album together using this handsome guy’s recent Bar Mitzvah photos… Check out the Finao album image on the bottom-right.  

New Bar Mitzvah Album Option - Finao Armour Cover!
New Bar Mitzvah Album Option - Finao Armour Cover!

Stay tuned to see how the album turns out..!


you are so amazing! you truly captured the essence of this special time in our lives. thank you!! the bar mitzvah boy’s proud mom

You sure did pick a handsome guy!

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