You’ll find many people have negative things to say about Cleveland this time of year. The weather’s turning colder, days are shorter, the beautiful autumn leaves have fallen to the ground… seems like a lot of endings. Not around here!  We are surrounded by new beginnings… Starting with our AMAZING new website and look designed and developed by Purely Branded (!  I’m so excited about the new features this site offers, and just how easy it is to use!  Take a look around, and enjoy :-) See something missing? That’s definitely my fault– I’m working on it!  Make sure to check back as we continue to update it!  Before you jump ahead to start exploring our new site, take a look at some of other new beginnings we’re seeing around here…

On his first photo shoot, Baby W slept like a log… ;-)

Another little guy, Baby S, worn out from his first photo shoot!

Baby S posing for his first photos!! He did great!!

Little J on the first day of standing!! A little stressfull…

Little J's first pile of leaves– Not a big fan!

New Puppy Jocko!! My parents' new puppy!!

Jocko did great on his first studio shoot!!

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