As the world of photography expands further into the digital world, the role of a photographer is moving right along with it.  No longer are we glued to a tripod, under a velvet hood with hour-long exposures.  We can now capture images practically in the dark with just the snap of a shutter.  And, as photographic technology takes it a step further, we photographers are now entering a new and exciting world… VIDEO!  My new camera, the Nikon D3s not only surpasses my previous D3 in its image capture abilities, but now adds HD video to its list of attributes.  I’m so excited to now be able to offer clients– kids, families, weddings and bar mitzvahs, alike– a more complete photographic experience.  Adding film, captured with a look and feel consistent with the still images really adds somthing special.

Now tasked with learning how to incorporate this new feature… the fusion of images, moving and still, I turned to my go-to guy… my 6-month old nephew “Baby J” to be my guinea pig… What do you think??


Great camera, but it helps that he looks so much like us ( right! )
fabulous effect!

Kim, I’m speechless! You captured him completely. This is an unbelievable gift! Priceless and forever.


Well that made my day! Great job, Kim!!

You are so talented!! Amazing! I love the video and Jake’s hair!

Kim this is ridiculous!! Love the video!!

That is awesome! He is too cute for words.

Wow, is that cool! So real I could eat him up!

the only thing more awesome than that is his tricked out hairdo.

Kim, that is sick!!! Loved the montage and the subject!! Tell Taryn that’s not fair. Jake is way too cute! Who does he look like?

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