Lately we’ve had four-legged fuzzy ones… feathered ones… and who knows what else we’ll bring around!

Last Friday Linus’ breeder came up from Columbus, Ohio to have their 8 week old Australian Labradoodle puppies photographed for their website.  It was so much fun, so chaotic, and so so cute.  With 10 pouncey pups running in every direction, climbing on my head and eating my hair, it is amazing that we got any photos at all.

Whether you’re a parent of a sleepless baby, a temperamental toddler, or a new puppy that’s destroying your house, you are in the magical limbo of enjoying the newness and sweetness, and trying not to forget a moment… while at the same time, wishing you could press fast-forward to a time of your life that runs a little smoother.  Well, we can help you remember the good parts (and bad) while your life seems to be a blur.  Photos of the stages you don’t want to forget not only create an adorable piece of art for your home, but leave you with a timeless keepsake.

Here are some of my favorites from last week’s puppy photo session… what members of your family (human or not) do you need lasting memories of?

DSC_0155_ DSC_0225 DSC_9849 DSC_9920_erevan


Hi Kim,
I have a litter of 7 week old Lhasa Apso puppies and would like to have them professionally photographed as a group before they go to their forever homes. The litter is 7 puppies. Are you experienced in litters this size? How does your schedule look over next couple weeks? What should I know or expect?

Thanks for taking the time to respond,

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