We do a lot of newborn photography… they are long sessions, filled with poop, pee, and pouting… but we love every second of it!  The newborns that come into our studio for their first photo shoots are so innocent, so perfect, and just delicious.  That’s what we aim to capture through our photography.  We want to show not only their tiny parts, but to preserve this stage that just goes by so fast.  We photograph these new little people within their first two weeks of life… after that point, their bones are more developed, and so are their personalities and opinions!  Teeny tiny babies will allow us to comfort them to sleep, and enable us to mold them into the perfect positions to show just how flexible and mushy they are.

This week we got the chance to photograph this little angel.  Baby L came to see us while she was still in her mommy’s belly, so we were thrilled to get to meet her for real!  She was about 9 days old, and pretty much slept like a baby the whole time.  Even when she woke up to join the party, she simply snuggled up in the warm blankets, and continued to perform.  Here are some of my favorite shots from her newborn photo session… there are many more, but I’m saving them for her mom and dad!


Pecko_17_lr Pecko_19_lr Pecko_22_lr Pecko_28_lr


I just want to eat her with a spoon! Thanks for sharing!!!

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