This week gave us those perfect fall days that we Clevelanders and photographers love.  Leaves changing colors on the trees, and temperatures in the 70’s… hard to beat!  Oliver’s photo session provided the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this incredible weather, and come up with some creative ideas.  His mom was such a great sport– letting me put her 21 month old cutie right in the river!  The risk was well worth it, because not only did he have a great time getting to do something new, but we got fantastic shots with the falling sun peering in behind the trees.  After Oliver was good and tired, his dad joined in on the fun, and this new addition gave him the second wind we needed to get some great family shots (ok… jelly beans helped, too).  He’s gotten a lot bigger since last year’s photo session (refresh your memory), but he’s also somehow gotten even cuter!  I’m totally in love with this big-eyed babe, and can’t wait until I get to see him again…

_DSC2070 _DSC2018 _DSC1762 _DSC1596 _DSC1552 _DSC1632 _DSC2108 _DSC2144


Fantastic!! Beautiful backdrops only surpassed by the subjects!

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