The fact that in any given week, I can photograph an 8-day old newborn, capture the stages of a baby’s first year, a high school senior, a puppy and a wedding is pretty amazing.  I’m often asked which is my favorite stage to photograph, and I’m really not able to answer… There are things I love about each of the different types of photo shoots I do, and aspects that make them fun and exciting for me.

Take Olivia… She used to be my photography student at HB (that is, until she did the unthinkable and dropped photo from her schedule this year).  Olivia is a beautiful, warm, sweet, and sophisticated girl.  She is in that unique stage that combines adulthood and youth.  She was such a good sport– wandering into restaurants and stores, wherever I asked.  Her amazing smile never faltered… I could have photographed her forever.  These photographs show her as the stunning woman she is, but with an appropriateness and sweetness that will allow even her father will appreciate.

Senior photos are a hybrid between the children photo shoots we do so often, and the weddings that are such a high-stakes gig… with the fun, the personality and the ability to play with a little sass and a little sexy, too.

Check out this selection of Olivia’s beautiful senior photos.

Warhop_35 Warhop_30 Warhop_24 Warhop_18 Warhop_15 Warhop_14 Warhop_07 Warhop_03

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