Yesterday Charlie came in for his newborn photos.  At just one week old, this little guy was about the prettiest newborn I’ve ever seen (and I see a LOT of them)!  Not only was this little guy adorable, he was the perfect sleepy poser which let me indulge and experiment with all the great military gear his dad brought along.  A Marine, Charlie’s dad may be tough in combat, but melted with he held this little bundle of baby.  Mom impressed me with how relaxed and compliant she was with every idea I came up with– can I put your baby inside a hard, rough combat helmet?? Ok!  We spent a long time together, but not much of that was spent waiting for Charlie to cooperate.  This little man was a total stud, and we got a ton of amazing and unique shots.  Parents always ask what they should bring to a session.  Should there be props?  Sure, if they have meaning, bring them along!  If they are just props for the sake of props, I’ll pass… but in this case, I was all about it!  Here are a bunch of my favorites from Charlie’s newborn session!

_DSC5698 _DSC5765 _DSC5851 _DSC5927 _DSC5997 _DSC6029 _DSC6141


Phenomenal images!

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