I love second children…  Yeah, I said it!  Parents are so much more relaxed after they’ve been through the gauntlet once before.  Plus, the babies are forced to share attention with their older sibs, and makes them learn at an early age to go with the flow.

One of the best things about photographing newborn babies (preferably 2 weeks or younger) is that they are super sleepy, and you can put them just about anywhere!  They don’t move very much, don’t roll, and that makes for some great pix!  What I’ve noticed throughout my time working with new parents is that the babies feed off of their energy.  A relaxed Mom is more likely to have a relaxed baby.

Take Baby H.  His parents were super laid back during his outdoor newborn photo session at their home– and that allowed us to get some awesome shots!  They learned that a little nature won’t hurt him… but maybe his big brother will!   Here are some of my favorite shots from their session…

The whole family was around for this photo shoot– even Max!

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