My babies are 5 months old… and I’m already having anxiety about them going off to college!!!  When the time comes when your baby makes this grown-up move, doing a commemorative photo shoot is a great way to freeze time.

Whether the school requires you take them, or you just want your own keepsakes to commemorate your kids’ Senior year, the Fall is the perfect time to capture senior photos!  The backdrop of the changing leaves and the cooler weather makes this season pretty unbeatable photography.

We do a ton of Senior Photos, and help our clients design their order to best fit their wants & needs– be it a canvas for the wall that showcases the passage of time, an album holding a collection of Mom’s favorites for her to cry over when the house is a little too empty, or a stack of wallets for the soon-to-be graduate to pass out to friends… the possibilities are endless.

mccamon_004 mccamon_006 mccamon_015 mccamon_017 mccamon_024

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