It’s that time of year again…Playmatters Mini Sessions. For those of you who are familiar with our 10 minute photo shoots at Playmatters Toys, we are now finding that they are actually working out better here in our studio. We are giving mini sessions a “shot” here in our studio this Summer and hope that we can continue to have them here in the Fall and Spring. We have found that there is much more space and less distractions here at our Little Italy location, which makes it much easier for us and less stressful for the parents. We have set-up this special event for several years now and would love to see you guys continue to participate as well as all you newbies out there! For those of you who are unfamiliar with out mini sessions…well they’re pretty much the coolest thing ever :) 1. Call and sign up for a 10 minute slot (1 slot for each child or a group photo) on a day that we hold the event. Each session is $30 and you receive a FREE 5×7 print of Kim’s choice. 2. Come in at the time of your session and 3. Just put that smile on your face…it’s that easy (and if you don’t think  its that easy  for your child/children like the camera, don’t worry Kim ALWAYS has a way to capture that great shot). What a deal?! Right? And if you want to see or buy additional images don’t worry, we post them all online for you to share with family and friends! With a deal like this you can come in a couple times a year and capture your children as they grow. Call us today and see what days we have available for the Summer of 2010!

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