To follow up on my last blog post, I’m going to share some exciting news about the expansion of our photography studio into the world of Fine Art Photography.  Over the past year, we’ve teamed up with an award winning Master Printmaker to offer what we now refer to as the “Fine Art Line.”  Displayed in all sizes, these images are best presented framed with no glass… the incredible textures and details of the images, combined with the specialty paper they’re printed on will bring the viewer in to take a closer look.  We have a wall of these Fine Art Prints on display in our studio, and clients often ask “is that a photograph?”  Yup!  We are the only photography studio in the region to partner with this incredible artist, and I am constantly amazed with how he takes my images, and my vision for the final product, and transforms them into incredible works of art.  Here is a preview of some of these amazing photographs… just think, with your next family photo session, you could have one of your own.

D3S_4683 proof3 D3S_5028b proof1 DSC_6391b proof1 Klinect_35 proof1 Strong_38 proof1 Strong_39 proof2

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