…Tis the season.  No, not what you’re thinking.  Around here, the “season” is family photo season!  For a variety of reasons — the changing leaves, the need for an updated family photo for holiday cards, or the ever popular holiday gifts (especially for Grandparents) — this is the time for family photo sessions galore!  But as fun as these family gatherings can be for the proud parents and grandparents, it can be a bit overwhelming for the little ones.  More often than I can tell you, the kids don’t act themselves… feels like Murphy’s Law.  Missed nap, teeth breaking through, or a sudden case of the sniffles… or even just a crabby day.  Parents are often either confused, discouraged, or frustrated.  Not to worry!  While this may not be your kids’ typical demeanor, it’s totally normal for ME!  I’m used to the over-stimulated, overwhelmed and chaotic adventure that is a family photo session.  I will often focus all of my attention to the kids, and expect the parents to follow my lead.  To calm the scene rather than to try to clap, cheer and call the kids’ names and try to make them smile.  To outsmart those tricky toddler brains by distracting them and getting them to forget that they’re on stage.  Most of all, don’t get discouraged.  Kids are after all, happy little buggers… and when relaxed, will show their shining & happy selves.  Like I said, I’m very used to this sort of scenario, and am hardly ever phased by it.

This recent outdoor family photo session provided a perfect example.  Large groups, many demands placed on the kids, and a lot of overwhelmed kiddos.   But, when we stopped putting the pressure on them, we got great shots!  Much like other things in life… the best things come to those who wait!

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