Life is fragile. You blink, and your world can turn upside down. While every day should be a reminder of the gifts, the blessings, and the things that are truly important, it is often milestones like a new year that bring them back into focus.
As a photographer, my job is about capturing the things that matter most in life. The people and the relationships that make life really matter. I feel honored to get to witness and experience the love that people want to hang on to, brag about, or celebrate.

Kathryn and Kenn’s engagement session is a perfect example this. A beautiful couple, in love, full of joy, hope and plans. Their engagement photos provide them with a way of celebrating today, and the things they feel most grateful for… each other.
With each new year, it’s natural to look ahead, but most important to look around at the things that matter most in life.

So when making your New Years resolutions for 2013, make sure that appreciating the gifts you have, and celebrating the things that matter most in life remain at the top of your list.






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