Remember Oliver?  He made an appearance on this blog recently for his family’s outdoor photo shoot, and again for our Halloween mini sessions.  Last weekend he brought his cousins and some of his aunts and uncles with him into the studio for some extended family photos.  His Nana wanted a picture with all of her grandkids, but that picture is staying a surprise for her until later.  With everyone in one place, we took the opportunity to capture some family photos of the individual groups on the white background.  We got the kids individually, with their parents, and G-d help me, a picture of all four little ones together!  So, even though Oliver has had plenty of pictures taken recently, each session produced a unique look, and offered something different.  Here are just a few of the adorable shots from this studio family photo session with my little buddy and his wonderful family.

Riffle_31 Riffle_13

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