They’ve been engaged for a year… their wedding’s not for another 6 months… but Tal and Brian picked New Year’s Day for their engagement photo session!  It was cold, it was wet, and I was tired… and I loved every second of it!!

Tal is my sister-in-law, and has become a great friend.  One night, a few years back, I decided to try a little something and introduced her to my long-time friend Brian.  Knowing each of them for so long, and knowing them so well, it was so much fun to get to take their engagement pictures!  I knew that they were a great couple, but seeing them through the lens gave me a new perspective on their relationship.  After the session when I had the chance to flip through the images, I had a smile on my face, and honestly may have been a bit teary-eyed… they are just so cute together, are such good friends, and are so in love.

They were great sports during their photo shoot– from walking through muddy/soggy woods, climbing down a pretty steep ravine, standing within smelling-distance to a whole lot of horse manure, to posing in the rain… we got a lot of great shots that not only represent their individual personalities, but who they are as a couple…. all thanks to me!  :-)

I love you guys!!  Here are some of my favorites…



Kim, those new wedding photos are incredible!! I love the finishes- amazing!

Barb Rosskamm "Auntie B"


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