16 hours of photography… 157GB of memory cards and 7978 images shot… and 1430 proofs to be delivered to the couple. But I could’ve kept going! Why? Because this wedding was extra special. Not only am I friends with the Groom, but the beautiful bride and I have spent most of our days together for the past 2 years working side by side. Plus, I introduced them! I definitely feel pressure to deliver beyond expectations to all of the couples whose weddings I photograph, but in this case, I felt even more! I wanted Sharon to feel like a Bride, not a photographer. I wanted her day to be as special as could be… and it was. From the loving interactions between the family members, to the way Jeff and Sharon made each other laugh with little more than a glance, but also told the other they loved them with just a look, to the way the bridal party was smiling and laughing from morning til night. The party went on until the wee-hours, but we’ll get to that in Part 2 of this blog. Today we’ll start at the beginning, with the photos done at Sharon’s parents’ home… see the beauty, the moments, the love, the poise, and the many special parts of the day I got to be an eyewitness to.


























Reyna and I (Sharon’s grandparents from her mother’s side) are getting ready to drive to the airport and leave for our native Mexico, after participating in a tale of beauty, princesses and knights, immortalized by the truly gifted work of Kim Ponsky. You, Clevelanders, are so lucky to have her around!

Sharon looks SO SO SO beautiful and these pictures are stunning!!! Congrats Sharon!

mulholland & sachs

Beautiful work Kim…..You have captured this wonderul occasion for Sharon and Jeff and their families….great memories for a lifetime!

Ha! Amy, you’re awesome :)

Truly gorgeous. So glad I got to be a part of the lovely celebration! Kim, can I book you for like 6 years from now?

Thanks ladies!!

Kim – just awesome! The photography – Sharon – Jeff and everything inbetween!!

These pictures are amazing Kim! Such a beautiful couple! Mazel Tov to all!

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