The beauty, emotion and the fun of the wedding day continued with a quick stop by the House of Blues, and and onto the ceremony itself.  Check out the love and intensity displayed by everyone around this special couple… It is always the moments that I love capturing the most, and this wedding was full of them.  Tomorrow the fun continues as we finish up this three-part series with the Rock the House extravaganza!

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I hope I get to see more of yhour wonderful pictures! Here in Mexico, people are
asking me where they can call you to see if you are willing to come down!

That last one’s a keeper :) xoxo

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the most perfect Photographer in the World……………..
The Subjects were Beautiful and You captured them, Them. THEM………………………….. I am so Proud to know You. Thank you for sharing them with the World. How Beautiful.

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