I have always felt more comfortable behind the lens rather than in front of it, and my family often mocks my inability to smile naturally in pictures… so I was a little nervous about how our engagement photos were going to turn out. I had no doubts that Kim is a great photographer, but would I be able to “perform” rather then help her with the lighting?

I now realize that I had nothing to worry about. Kim has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and capture the real moments that show who her subjects are, rather than making them look posed and stiff. I have seen her do this time and time again with couples, families, kids, babies, teenagers, new parents, and even pets… why should this time be any different? It wasn’t. Jeff and I had such a good time and could not be happier with how our pictures turned out, so thanks Kim! We can’t wait to see what crazy ideas you come up with for our wedding photos!





Eva Brz and family

You can tell they are in love.
Lovely pictures.
Love you.

Never has anyone captured that look I love in Sharon’s eyes. Great job Kim with two
magnificent models…..

Are those two in love or what!!!
Kim, What you have captured in their eyes tells a much bigger story…
Great talent you have, great couple to have in our company…

These pictures are so fantastic.I just love how creative the photos are!!!What beautiful smiles!


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