Sharon Kutz

– Designer, Photographer –


My interest in photography began to grow when my parents gave me a camera for my 8th birthday. Soon after, my dad realized that I shared his passion for photography and gave me the Nikon F3 that he had once learned with. I continued to develop my photography skills with this camera throughout high school. Knowing I needed to pursue a career in a creative field, I went on to study graphic design and photography at The University of Michigan School of Art & Design.

While at Michigan I developed my design skills both in and out of the classroom. I was fortunate to spend a summer working as a graphic designer for a Time Inc. magazine in Mexico City, and later on as a designer at the University Unions. I love that graphic design allows me to organize information in a logical way that is also visually appealing.

There are two things that I love most about photography. First, is its ability to capture the world through various, and sometimes unexpected, perspectives. Second, is how photographs can transport the viewer to times or memories from long ago that may otherwise have been forgotten… that is probably also why I love to look through old photos.

When not at work some of my favorite things include spending time with my family and husband Jeff, cuddling with my dog Jameson, watching movies, scuba diving, pad thai, ice cream, all food really, and traveling around the world… I am known to travel with more cameras than people.