Ok, so just as a side note, I, Michelle, have written the last couple of posts. So just to be clear, I am the one who loves Randy our UPS guy, not Kim. Kim is still very much in love with her fiance :)

But back to what we’re really here to talk about…sprinkles! There’s really no better time to talk about them than July 4th weekend or…my birthday :) (but that’s a long time from now). I’ve always loved sweets and anything small and colorful, making sprinkles the perfect decorative and delicious addition to the small treat. They’re perfect to use as small bursts of color on your holiday desserts.

I woke up this morning at 8am and the first thing that came to my mind were cupcakes. I had the biggest craving for them. So I couldn’t help going to Giant Eagle and getting a half dozen vanilla cupcakes with RED, WHITE, and BLUE sprinkles. Not to mention a tall non fat peppermint mocha with no whip :) Who could ask for a better start to a Friday morning. Oh and it was bright and sunny. Not to often we start days like that in Cleveland.  As the day went on and I had my fill of sugar, I came to find out that I wasn’t the only one that loved cupcakes, so did little J who by the why isn’t even 1 yet! We hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend! And don’t forget the SPRINKLES!


MB, you are intern-extraordinaire!

i love these pictures! they are soo cute, I’m so sad that I’m missed seeing J! He is so adorable, and this blog post is awesome Michelle! you have serious talent in writing these posts and Kim, the photos are crazy good show his emotion so well! congrats to both of you!

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