We know that when you make the decision to invest in your family photography it means a lot to you… we take that seriously.  But what are we doing?  Why is it an “investment” at all, when you could so easily hand a friend your iPhone on a pretty day and get the “same thing” for a simple thank you or a glass of wine as payment?  The same reason we discuss the session before hand, discuss your plans, wants/needs & preferences during & after the session, and spend the days or weeks following your order processing your images… Because the actual act of capturing the image is only the beginning.  We want the images… the final product… to perfectly fit into your life.  You didn’t hire us to simply post to Facebook and flip through images on your phone.  You wanted something more, and that’s what we continually strive to deliver.  While the pictures are of your children… the images themselves are our babies.  We want them heading out into the world looking their best, performing to their potential, and impressing everyone they come in contact with.  In order to achieve that, we spend hours… (yes, hours!) retouching, tweaking, and finishing each photo until they are each just right.  Presenting them as a grouping? Then it’s up to us to make sure that the sizing, cropping, color and contrast blends seamlessly from piece to piece.  We all absolutely adore what we get to do… and we take it seriously.  And we take it seriously because we know it is important to you.

These photos of this crew of brothers is an example of how the image right out of the camera wasn’t the finished product.  Dressed in sweaters, vests, and baby suspenders, how could I not bring out an old-world feel to the images??  I don’t know if the boys’ mom will select these images, or even this finishing… but to me, these images are all grown up, and ready for the world.

DSC_7357 DSC_7390 DSC_7431

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