It’s often hard to look past the incredible colors of autumn in Ohio… and why would you ever want to?!?  But this transitional season brings out more changes in nature than just the color of the leaves… As they dry out, the leaves become more crinkly (that’s a word, right?), and when they fall and carpet the ground, you have images that not only provide a textured foreground and background; but the additional light that is let through the thinning leaves of the trees creates a play of tones and a spottiness that enhances photographs beautifully.  This family’s outdoor Fall photo shoot in the South Chagrin Reservation demonstrates everything I’m talking about.  For fun, I took away the color, and finished these photos in an antiqued tone that allows the light and texture to perfectly play off of one another and makes these images just as striking as if they were in full color– just in a different way.

choudery_02 choudery_21 choudery_27 choudery_29


Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family

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