I am thrilled to say that I have a new little photo guinea-piglet, in the form of my 9-day old niece.  This little one will have plenty of picture time with Aunt Kim, because she sure is cute!  She hasn’t made it into the studio yet for her “official” newborn photo session, but we did have an informal natural light session at home.  No lights other than the soft window light (thanks to my wonderful camera, I can get fantastic results even in low-light situations!), a cozy blanket over a dog bed (yes, I’ll admit it), and the warmth of a space heater to keep that little 7.5lb body warm and happy.  I’m honestly not sure which I prefer– studio photography or natural light photography for newborns… each has such merit.  In the studio you can craft and create such works of fine art.  The light is controlled, and with the simplicity of the backdrops, the images are so striking!  Natural light has a softness about it that pairs so nicely with a delicate new baby.  The gentleness of the images, the personal touch of being at home, and the variety of locations & props also produce fantastic results.  So which should a new Mom & Dad choose for their new baby?  It really depends on the style you prefer– Take a look at these at-home photos, and then stay tuned next week when I get this little one in the studio for her studio shoot… make a comment– let me know which style of newborn photography you prefer!





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