When getting to know the families I photograph, I often find myself relating to them in some way… Maybe it’s their personality, fashion style, sense of humor, style of images they prefer, or in this case… the number of kids.  Not only do families with four kids hit home for me, but being the only girl with three brothers, I could totally relate to this lone fella!  I’m not sure who has it worse!!  Just kidding, bros.  Another thing that I love about larger families, is the kids often seem to be so well behaved.  Used to not always getting their way, these kids are often great listeners, and more cooperative… things that make for a smooth photo session!  Check out how well these kiddos get along, and what cute group photos we got at our outdoor photo session last week at Squire’s Castle._DSC2318_ _DSC2743 _DSC2870

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