As a photographer in the digital age, when phones capture high-resolution images with incredible quality, it has become a large part of our job to take our images beyond what the camera captures. The finishing of an image allows it to tell the story, invoke the emotion, and portray the feeling we as the artists want the viewer to perceive. While Instagram has quick filters to snazz-up your snapshots, it is the intricacies and attention to detail that sets a professional’s images apart. Here are a few of my favorite images from Olivia and Daniel’s engagement photo session. Captured at the Old Courthouse in downtown Cleveland, the old-world feel of the architecture led me to finish many of these with a distressed, antiqued, or muted tone. However, the adorable picture of the couple laughing while in each other’s arms needed the lively colors and saturation that allows the vibrance of their interaction to show through.
So when you order your images from us… take a chance, and let us finish the images how we see fit– you may be surprised at just how stunning you are!




Flawless, beautiful pictures. Much love to Olivia and Daniel.

FABULOUS! I love them all! You’ve really captured how much in love this cute couple is! Bravo

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