Sorry, it’s all my fault!  Well, no… the parents are definitely to blame.  My buddy Andrew came into the studio last week for his 1-year photos, and this photo shoot alone gave him plenty of ammo to use to get back at his parents later in life.  “I don’t want to wear that silly hat, stop putting it back on me when I take it off!”  “I’m trying to get away from you!  Oh no– you stuck me in a box so I can’t crawl away!!”  “You dressed me in WHAT?!?”  So while we look at these pictures today and can’t help but laugh and smile… Andrew will surely reek havoc on his parents’ lives because of them.  But it will all be worth it, because the pictures from this photo shoot are just so darn cute!!

_DSC8623 _DSC8810 _DSC8740 _DSC8673

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