Anyone that has had a kid’s session with Kim knows that she has some incredibly unconventional ways to steal a smile from the grumpiest of faces. The other day I was working up in our lofted office and could overhear all of the happenings in the studio. Kim was photographing a brother and sister and the three of them were having a fabulous laughter-filled moment that was guaranteed to produce genuine smiles on film (rather, digital sensor). These two kids were totally enthralled by Kim’s magic and I just had to eavesdrop a little more to hear exactly what she was saying to create such vivacious roars and laughing fits…

POOP! Yup, it was #2.  Apparently this word can be used in a multitude of different ways all producing raging fits of laughter. These kids were rolling on the floor and enjoying every moment of their session with Kim all because of a little touch of potty humor!!! Unfortunately, I too was caught up in this shenanigan and found myself to be laughing along.  Perhaps it was the contagious effect of laughter that caused me to giggle, or maybe it was Kim’s perfectly cheerful tone and delivery.  I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is that Kim was able to use one word to create picture perfect memories.  Now you try to say “poop” with a straight face!!

Here is a sneak peek at just one of the best laughs from that day…

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