So, you’ve scheduled your family photo session, and come in for your viewing session… If I’ve done my job right, you’ll not only LOVE your photos, you won’t know which one(s) to pick! My question for you would be: Pick for what? It’s SO important to me that your appreciation for these images not end when you leave the studio, or when your online gallery expires. A pile of 4×6 prints that sits on your kitchen counter for a year isn’t doing anybody any good!

So… the question then becomes: What should we do with these photos?

One really popular trend is the wall cluster– this allows you to present an assortment of images from your session in a really dynamic way! Have space behind your living room sofa, or behind your dining room table that you’ve been saving for a piece of art? Why not feature the faces and personalities of the people who mean the most to you?? Who says our family can’t be your home’s art? Instead of having one large piece, try an arrangement of many in different shapes and sizes– but make sure not to get too carried away– there’s a fine line between art and chaos– you don’t want your photo presentation a jumbled mess that looks cluttered and sloppy– you want it to be spectacular!  Let us help you figure it out.

Get your home looking great for all the holiday festivities– Order a canvas (or mounted) wall cluster of 5 or more images before the end of the year, and receive 10%!   You gotta’ mention this special to get the deal though!!

This fun arrangement, made up of individual canvases (Two 10×20, One 8×12, Two 8×10, Two 10×14) takes up a total wall space of just over 3 square feet!

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