I mentioned earlier this week that the theme of the week seems to be pairs… Well, yesterday we spent five long hours with Jai and Neel, 5 week old twin boys! It was a long session, but it was fantastic. Newborn photo shoots normally take a long time. You spend most of it comforting, feeding, and making the babies happy. Here, we had the added element of TWO babies at once! It was as though they had an agreement with each other… “Okay Jai, when I fall asleep, you start crying. When you fall asleep, I’ll poke you in the eyeball and wake you up!” Mom, Dad, Grandma and the Nanny were all pitching in to help keep the boys happy, and they were great sports as Sharon and I just kept going for more and more. We had so much fun that we didn’t even realize how much time had passed by! This twin newborn photo session went about as well as possible, and I can’t wait to show the boys’ parents the rest of the great photos they now have of this very special pair.



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