Today I was browsing through some of Kim’s past sessions and I noticed the amazing diversity in both location and staging that she has used. Condemned buildings, fire trucks, and even construction sites were all fair game, and the images produced were spectacularly unique. I love the concept of mixing a well polished couple with a graffiti laden wall or resting a newborn in a tin basin. It’s these unexpected pairings that create fabulous art. These photos were so much more than just prints you would tuck away in an album, they were large on-the-wall worthy custom works of art!

I have only worked with Kim for a few months now, but I can already tell that her creativity and passion for mixing it up is the perfect duo to keep me on my toes and inspired. With summer approaching, who knows what crazy cool places she will find while out and about? All I do know is that I can not wait to see where your next shoot takes us!

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