Over the past few weeks, I have been completely immersed in all things photography. Whether sitting in a workshop with some of the world’s best photographers, or walking the picture-perfect streets of Greece and Italy… Photography has been on my mind.
While in Greece I had the opportunity to learn 7 different perspectives from the different Masters teaching the workshop. Posing to candid-capture, flash to ambient light… my brain is spinning from all the concepts we covered.
Now, in Venice, I am attending a smaller workshop with just one of those photographers… Yervant. He and his amazing wife, Anie, have created a new world of wedding photography — and many have followed in his footsteps. Here I have the opportunity to learn his techniques for shooting, and have him critique my work personally. What an AMAZING experience! Yervant was named one of the most influential photographers of our time… and now I am being mentored by him. Wow!
If I thought my head was spinning before… now it may fall off completely! It’s been an amazing 3 weeks, and I can’t wait to get home and put all of my new ideas into action. Lookout, because I’m returning fully charged, fully energized, and full of new and exciting ideas!!
Here are a few shots I took yesterday that I’m submitting for today’s critique… Wish me luck!

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