I’m going to continue to point out some of my favorite pointers for couples on their wedding day using more photos from Beth and Robin’s Cleveland wedding!



Tip #6:   Look at things another way

Working with two photographers on your wedding day not only allows for more comprehensive coverage of the days events (i.e. one of us with the bride getting ready, the other with the groom), but it also allows us to capture the same scene from two unique perspectives.  Some of my favorite shots from Beth and Robin’s wedding were taken by my husband while the couple was posing for me!


Tip #7:  Trust your photographers

We won’t steer you wrong!  If your photographer asks you to sit on something that you think is questionable… just go with it!  We don’t want you to get too wrinkled or muddy– that will end up hurting the quality of your photographs!  Sitting on ledges, lawns or laps can make your photos more interesting, so if your photographer suggests  something you wouldn’t normally do, consider it!  But, as always, if you feel awkward, uncomfortable, or just plain don’t want to do what we’re asking… say something!


Tip #8:  Breath…

Your wedding day will go by in a flash, so it’s important to make sure you take some time throughout the day to step back and take it all in. It’s a big day, and a lot is changing in your life… spend some time with your groom, and by yourself… not only will it keep you centered throughout the day, but slowing down to observe it all will help you remember it.


Tip #9:  Be open to something new

While there is always something to be said for maintaining the traditional components to your wedding photography, it’s good to be open to something a little different.  Taking family photos at the ceremony site is a classic option, but be open to suggestion.  Sometimes other locations can provide better light, and a setting for a more interesting composition.


Tip #10:  Secrets, secrets are no fun!

Have a surprise planned to wow your guests?  Well don’t hold out on us!  We are there to capture your wedding day, but we need to know what to expect.  When we meet with you before your big day, we will go through the timeline and shot lists — make sure to let us know about anything special you have planned so we’re sure not to miss it!  Beth and Robin’s saucy Tango wow’d everyone — Even though I knew it was coming, I couldn’t believe my eyes!


It’s also so important to tell your photographers if there’s a specific shot that you want, or a style of photos you prefer.  We are artists who will interpret your request and create something new specifically for you, but we can use your notes as a guideline.  We are there to give you the best photos you can ask for — so you not only enjoy every aspect of your wedding day, the images you have to remember it by, and the experience you had creating them.



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