The last three years have been transformative in so many ways…

We moved into our spectacular studio in Eton, and I couldn’t have been prouder.  This was my baby, my business, growing up and reaching a point I never thought possible.  Our studio was large, shiny, a gallery, and in the most sought after retail location in the city… I made friends, had frequent visitors and just walking in the door brought a smile to my face.  I worked long hours, often at the studio until after midnight… and loved every minute of it.

But then things changed for me… I met Kenny, we got married, and a year ago we had Cameron & Charlotte.  This past year has been a shift… balancing work, being a new mom, and not wanting to compromise either of these things that are so important to me.  But the reality is, my kiddos win.  So with my life changing, work must change around it.

We are moving to an awesome new space– more room, more parking, no more Chagrin traffic, and no more retail hour requirements… So now I’ll be working when I need to work, but I’ll be able to take my babies to the zoo, to music classes, and truly get the best of both worlds.  Our studio is going to have a spectacular playroom, lots of natural light for shooting, and even indoor parking when Cleveland gets Cleveland-ish!

I’m definitely sad to leave Eton… I’ll miss my friends, miss the frequent visitors, and miss the quality of work-life I’ve experienced over the past three years.  But I am so excited to jump into this next chapter of my studio, my life, and bring all of my clients along with me…


So proud of you Kim!! Keep up the wonderful work as a Mommy and an entrepreneur!!

Aw, Jane (and gang)– nothing ever beats your first… You guys gave me my first studio space, and that will always be the highpoint of my career… what an amazing opportunity that was! Love you all & miss you!

Kim –
Congratulations on so many achievements in your life … of which the greatest is your gift of knowing yourself and ability to articulate your reality.

Best wishes from Team Ëvans … your first and fondest landlords❤️

Bravo ! Todd Jane Emily Mackenzie and Joe. …

All beautiful, glorious changes in your life. Jump!!! xoxo

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