I once heard someone talk about what it must be like for a child when their parents tell them they’re going to have a new baby… It went something like this:  Imagine you’re happily married, and your husband comes home and says “Honey, guess what?!  I’ve gotten us another wife!  I’m going to love her as much as I love you… Aren’t you excited??”  No!!!  The trepidation that little kids feel often comes through on their face, and I love to capture it!  I once took a great shot of my niece’s face the second she walked into the hospital room to meet her new baby sister… right before she turned around and walked right out!  Her face said “I don’t think so…!”  Mr. Leo here had a similar feeling during his mom’s pregnancy photo shoot, and I think these pictures are the cutest!  Good luck to his baby sister…!



kim…………….just can’t get enough of your creativity. you are way beyond amazing. keep those photos coming.

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