Pronunciation: \fə-ˈtä-grə-fər\

Date: 1847

Definition of a photographer: They capture some of your most precious moments. They paint a picture or tell a story through images. A photographer records memories, events, time and people through a camera. Photographers capture life as it happens.

What is stated above is all true but the one characteristic that is required to be an excellent photographer is PATIENCE. Whether you have a nervous bride, a terrified child, parents who feel the need to impose, patience is key. Sometimes life happens too fast and sometimes you just have to wait for that right moment. But when the stage is set and everyone is calm and that shutter goes off you know that you’ve captured that perfect moment.

Kimberly Ponsky:

Pronunciation: KIM-bur-lee Pon-skee

Date: 2010 (no she’s not a baby) but this is who she is now

Yup. I’m defining my boss. (biting my lip) She of course possesses many other positive traits but when it comes to photography she has more patience then anyone I know. Kids come in here crying and screaming and yet she approaches each and every child and shoot with a warm smile. She is ready to take on the challenge. And more often then not, parents almost always apologize for their child who seemed to be uncooperative during the shoot and are a bit unsure whether even one good photo was captured. Yet Kim, always responds with confidence letting them know that there will be many great photos to choose from. She’s right. She knows. She’s patient.

So don’t worry. Be happy. Sometimes even the tears are cute…they capture the moment. Kim captures the moment and the moments, even the crying ones, are what tell the story.

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