I can’t believe we’re mid-November… I’m pretty sure yesterday it was August.  The window is closing, but there’s still time to book your fall photo session — either outdoors or in the studio!  Our deadline to do your shoot in time to get your goods for the holidays is Thanksgiving, so don’t wait!  Call us right away to get your spot.  Our calendar is busy, but we do still have some room to add more shoots!  Worried that the leaves have already fallen from the trees?  Don’t!  We keep you as the focus of the photos anyways– the background becomes merely a backdrop for your photos.  Check out how the bare trees turned into a beautiful neutral backdrop for some of these family photos we did just last week!  Okay, now it’s your turn– call us NOW before we’re under three feet of snow!!

DSC_4787 DSC_5502


Kim was fabulous with my boys! Love!

What a gorgeous family!!

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