When I photograph weddings, I am always looking to capture the magic of the day.  The flowers are beautiful, the reception breathtaking, and the bride always turns heads… but to me, the real magic of the day are the moments that can be so easily missed if you’re not looking.  It’s the emotion, the joy, the sentiment, and the love.  These are my favorite parts of the day.  In this world of phone photography, however, the need to “get the shot” can prevent friends and family from really seeing all that goes on.  Cameras in ready position when the bride is revealed, or makes her long anticipated walk down the aisle obscure not only guests eyes from seeing the whole picture, but prevent the bride from seeing the misty-eyed smiles of her guests.  Now, I’m there to capture them, to preserve them, and to show the couple what their wedding was really all about…  but the smile on my face and the tears that are so often in my eyes when I photograph a wedding are because of these moments… so make sure you don’t miss them!  Trust the photographers to capture the day, and experience it… you won’t regret it, because it really is something to see…

Rachel and Jeff’s Ritz Carlton wedding was full of these moments.  From the first look, through the Hora– the moments tell the story.

Heller_149 Heller_145

Heller_059 Heller_067
Heller_124 Heller_127 Heller_324 Heller_342 Heller_352 Heller_453 Heller_541 Heller_375 Heller_688 Heller_551

… and this last shot is just a preview for these two lovely ladies.  You’re so beautiful!!

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