A couple weeks ago, a sweet little girl came into our studio FULL of smiles. She had no fear of being in front of the camera and it was an absolute joy having her here. But the reason we decided to post this blog is to let you see that brides aren’t the only ones that can wear white around here! For many of you who have come in for family portraits, specifically newborn photo sessions, we typically use the black background and recommend that mom and dad wear black. We do this because we want the focus to be on your face and not on the clothes that you are wearing. We’re portrait photographers, not fashion photographers :) We want you to feel your best and we’ll take care of making sure you look your best! So for those of you who sometimes wonder and ask if you can wear white on white, the answer is YES! Even if you use bleach to wash your clothes, I promise that our background will still be whiter and your clothes will show up! But what will show up even more, are the smiles, the laughs, the expressions and beauty of the child or family…our goal is to capture you and only you. White on white is simple but unique and your photos will always be one of a kind.


Great work! I love the way you captured her body language with the full body shots — She’s simply adorable. The first one’s my favorite!

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